Did you know that badly maintained gardens are in fact one of the top reasons why people get blocked drains? As Brisbane’s highly experienced professional cleaners, we recognise the importance of cleaning and maintaining the outside external areas of a property or industrial space not just for aesthetics, but also to stop your drains from clogging up.

Apart from the main water pipes located in a house, there are also likely to be a network of external drainage pipes leading to the main sewer point further down the road. Just like all water fixtures, external pipes are not immune to clogging. That said, it is possible to avoid external drain problems by ensuring your garden or yard is kept clean, tidy, and free from debris. But why?

In order to answer this, we need to look at when an outside drain blockage is more likely to occur.

While it’s true that a blocked drain can happen at any time, perhaps one of the most common times for it to occur is during the Autumn. Aside from the weather turning colder and the nights starting to draw in, the leaves start to fall from the trees. Add to this, greater quantities of rainfall which can cause an accumulation of debris, and you have all the ingredients for a clogged drain, waiting to happen. For these reasons, it’s a great idea to keep on top of the potential problem and give your outside space the spruce up it needs before any problematic leave and debris start to drop.

Here’s what you need to do.

Sweep up any accumulated debris

Storms at any time of the year can bring with them their fair share of debris. However, in the autumn particularly, any debris is never far away. Any kind of build-up of soil or dust may be the catalysts for a blockage, so by sweeping your garden and keeping it free from twigs, leaves, and dirt, you’ll have a tidier pathway or grassed area, but also, you’ll be limiting the chance of a drain blockage.

Keep trees well-trimmed

While looking aesthetically better, well-manicured shrubs and neatly trimmed trees also mean fewer chances of twigs, small branches, and leaves falling onto your garden floor. So, keep them neatly clipped If you can.

Keep trees well-watered

In the hotter months, it’s worth making sure that your trees and shrubs are also well-watered. While this will help to keep them alive throughout the summer period, it also prevents the tree or shrub roots to go searching for water in or near your drains. Roots are also one of the main causes of drain blockage and can easily entangle themselves around drains causing pipes to crack and burst, blocking drains. So, if you don’t want to get to the root of the problem when faced with a blocked drain, then remember a little water goes a long way.

Hopefully, this post has given you some guidance on the importance of garden maintenance and how it can help your drains. If, however, you’re already facing that exact same situation and you already have a blocked drain, then you should contact Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage. Using the latest technology and a lot of knowledge the team will set to work and eradicate your blocked drains in Brisbane fast.