Deep cleaning in the kitchen

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just take place in the spring. In fact, deep cleaning for winter can be more effective than cleaning for spring and summer when it comes to keeping your family healthy. The kitchen ceiling, for example, is a breeding ground for bacteria as residue from cooking food rises. Make sure to use a natural cleaner for your cabinets and counter tops: many commercial cleaners contain ingredients that may make your family more susceptible to illness.

Target the living room

The living room is where your family spends the majority of their time together. Make sure that you deep clean any carpets and rugs in the room, whether you use a house cleaning service Brisbane or do your own cleaning. Carpets harbor a great deal of dust, debris, and germs. Deep cleaning them increases the likelihood that your family will stay healthy this winter as it minimizes their exposure to germs. You should also take the time to clean out clutter in your living room. During the winter, you spend a lot more time indoors. The more clutter there is taking up all that vital space, the closer the quarters you’re in, and the more you’re breathing on each other. Cleaning out clutter will also enable you to get a better overall clean, removing dust from those dark closets and corners.

Air out the bedrooms

When the temperatures dip sharply, you naturally don’t want to let cold air in. Fresh air, however, is great for driving out bacteria and viruses. Whether you have a warm day when it’s more practical or you’re simply in need of the fresh air, open up the windows in the bedrooms and let it cycle through. Airborne viruses are more likely to pass you by when you inject fresh air into your home.

Changing the bedding is also a great way to keep the kids healthy. This is especially important if one of them has been sick, but it’s equally important to launder bedding, pillows, and even stuffed animals regularly to help prevent viruses from making themselves at home through the winter months.

Keeping your home clean this winter might be the best thing you can do for your family. It’s not just about preventing the spread of viruses once a member of the family is already sick. It’s also about keeping everything clean so that they don’t have the opportunity to sneak in on your shoes and clothing and make your family ill to begin with.

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